Attracting money for a special purchase

Attracting money for a special purchase

Something fun I like to do when i’m trying to attract the money for something and I don’t want to take the money out of my bank account is I get an envelope, (any will do but colourful ones are always more fun) and on the outside of the envelope I write whatever it is i’m wanting to manifest the money for, for example I just did this for an iPad for my husband, so I write “I have received the money to buy an iPad for my husband, Thank you Thank you Thank you” and write the amount of the iPad i.e. £500.

Now whenever extra money arrives I put it in the envelope, and cross off the old total and revise it with my new total writing again Thank you Thank you Thank you.

(As well as extra money it could be money you saved by buying something on a discount when you weren’t expecting to, it could be money you find – in your pocket, on the street, back on the coach etc)

This then takes no time at all to attract all the money I need to purchase what I have written on the outside of the envelope.

That’s all very well and good I hear you say but isn’t that just practical advice?

Yes and No.

Of course this is a practical thing you can be doing, but at the same time you are saying to the universe, “hey you I need some money for this and I’m being serious about it, see I’ve written it down, made the goal clear and as precise as possible (but saying what it is you are attracting the money for) and I’m actively looking for money to save towards it”. This then sends a clear signal to the universe that this is what you want and the universe will start finding ways for the money to come to you for this goal.

Something else I do to speed this up is in the UK my bank account lets me set up a ‘save the change’ separate account, have a look to see if yours does something similar, if it doesn’t don’t worry you can always do this manually though it is so much easier if the bank does it for you!

Basically, whenever I spend anything with my debit/visa card (and you can choose here so it doesn’t have to be both) my bank will automatically round the purchase up to the closest dollar/pound and put that extra amount of money into a separate account that I have access to.

Then when you are happy with that balance or simply want the money you can transfer it out into one of your other accounts and simply withdraw it. I must say this adds up very quickly and you don’t feel it at the time.

So for example, if I was to spend £10.50 then my bank would move £0.50 over to the other account, rounding it up to £11.00 so if it was £10.95 only £0.05 would get moved across and so on.

Another little trick I also love to do especially in the UK is save all the £2 coins I get given back as change when I pay for something in cash, I think its cause I love the £2 coins, ok mental I get it but they are so cute and you don’t see them that often so whenever I do, I add them to my envelope above and they add up really quickly, just 5 of them is £10 already.

Of course this can be done with any currency and any amount, and you could at the end of the day empty out your pockets and all the change goes into a jar or your envelope above, and of course it doesn’t have to be an envelope that it all goes into, just do whatever feels right for you at the time for example it could be a box that you have stuck a post-it note to that says what you are attracting the money for.

Once I receive the money to purchase my iPad for example, I then cross it off the envelope writing Thank you Thank you Thank you next to it and then write what I wish to attract money for next!  This time I’m thinking a holiday to Fiji ?

The limit here is only your imagination, choose something today you wish to attract money for and give it ago.

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