Rice Experiment

I love you, I hate you, I’m ignoring you…. (the power of our words)

No this is not me being a diva! This is an experiment with rice which I have just finished conducting over the last 5 weeks and two days.

I wanted to prove, mainly to myself, how powerful our words are to other people, but mostly to ourselves.

My experiment managed to prove just how powerful our words are, showing just how important it is to monitor what you say and only say positive things to yourself and the world/people around you.

I’m not expecting you to just take my word for it! Below is a detailed breakdown of the experiment. Hopefully, you will feel inspired enough to try this for yourself.

Objective: To show the power of our words and how harmful our words can be to others and ourselves.

Test: A bowl of rice was cooked and placed into three separate brand new tupperware containers (all dry, clean and never used).

One container had a post-it note with kind words on it – the exact words were: “Thank you, I love you, you are amazing, you are awesome, beautiful, smart, gorgeous, perfect, great and wonderful.”

One container had a post-it note with mean words on it – the exact words were: “I hate you, you make me sick, you are awful, terrible, no good, ugly, a loser, an idiot, and you can’t do anything right.”

One container had nothing written on it at all.

Every day for a month I spoke to the different containers the words that were written on them. I wanted to see the effects of talking positively to the rice, negatively to the rice or just plain ignoring the rice.

The rice was kept out of the sun, it wasn’t refrigerated but I did keep them separate so they didn’t hear me talking to each other (very woo woo I know!).

I hate you empty riceI love you empty rice3 rice containers empty

Results at 4 weeks: 
After 4 weeks the results were starting to look amazing.

week 4 rice experimentweek 4 rice experiement






The ‘I hate you’ container had a lot of mould! It was very yellow and gross.

The ‘I love you’ container was lovely and white with no mould and no signs of yellow.

The container that I was ignoring was yellow but with no visible mould.

Remember all these containers were brand new from the same batch (they came as a three), I had treated all 3 consistently the same and only spoken to them differently. 
 All the rice was cooked together from the same batch and all the containers were dished out at the same time and sealed at the same time.

The ‘I hate you’ container is clearly in the worst condition and is getting quite disgusting. Just a few days later, you can see below that the container is starting to get very mouldy indeed. talking to rice

Results at 5 weeks 2 days: Wow Wow Wow.

At five weeks and two days the results were incredible, perhaps if I hadn’t of done it myself I would never have believed just how great the results would be. If you don’t believe the results I strongly suggest you go out and give this a try yourself.

Just look at the ‘I hate you’ container, it has a layer of mould all over it and even when we do see some rice, it is extremely yellow.

The container that I ignored was very yellow and gross, but still no mould.

And lastly the ‘I love you’ container is still so white and lovely (though I wouldn’t eat it!).

5 weeks 2 days rice

Lets have a look at the ‘I hate you’ container up closer:

i hate you up close rice

and the ‘I love you’ container up closer:

i love you rice up close

and the I’m ignoring you container:

rice ignore

Wow! Now I did film this rather than take photos as I went (that is why the photos in the beginning are from a video) so I will be putting together a video soon on the whole process, but I encourage you to go out and give this a try yourself!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. My belief is this really does highlight how important it is we say nice things to ourselves and each other. After all, rice is cooked in water and we humans are at least 60% water.

Please share this article to as many people as possible we need to share this message so it helps others.

And if you do give this a go keep me updated on your progress on my website click here to go back to home.